We aim to prevent the adverse effects on environment for a sustainable future in all of our activity fields, in all phases, together with the stakeholders, to provide a healthy and ergonomic work environment in accordance with occupational health, safety and environment standards, and to develop in accordance with the constant improvement culture.

In line with this objective; we undertake to

Be compliant with all legal and other conditions related with occupational health, safety and environment, and to maintain the constant improvement of occupational safety and environment consciousness in our employees, suppliers and in the other segments where we are in,

Take the measures with which the environmental effects are taken into the consideration and where the natural resources are used in the most efficient way and the wastes are reduced and the recycling possibilities are provided, and to search and use the alternative materials sensitive to the environment, to prevent pollution

Take and develop the preventive actions by making the risk analyses in all of our activity fields and business processes, constantly improve occupational health, safety and environment management system, and their goals and performance,

Follow the rules of occupational health and safety and environment by all of our employees, as a corporation, and by all of our stakeholders, and provide their own security by contributing to the prevention of risks.

And to comply with this policy together with all of our company employees, managers and stakeholders.

İskender Ulusay
Chief Executive Officer

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