Kapat Ikon
Occupational Health, Safety And Environment Policy

We aim at all stages of the business lines in our activities to prevent the adverse impact on environment for the purpose of sustainable future together with our partners, to provide a healthy, ergonomic, safety working environment, which is in compliance with occupational health, safety and environmental standards, to prevent the occupational accident and illness and to develop in compliance with the continuous improvement culture. 

In the direction of this target, we hereby commit 

Conformity Obligations;

to comply with the occupational health, safety and all laws and other conditions related to environment, and to continuously develop the occupational safety and environmental consciousness for our employees, suppliers and other sectors with which we are in cooperation,

Efficient Usage of Natural Resources;

to take measures in order to ensure the consideration of environmental impacts, the efficient usage of natural resources, to decrease the wastes and to provide the recycling opportunities, and to search and use as far as possible environmentally conscious alternative materials and to protect the environment by preventing the pollution,

Continuous Development ;

to make risk analysis at all our activity areas and business processes, to take preventive actions and to develop them, to improve continuously the environment management system, targets and performance,

Employees Participation;

as a cooperation, to ensure all our employees and all our partners within our activity area to comply with the occupational health, safety and environmental rules, to contribute to the prevention of danger and risk and thus to provide their security, and to comply with this policy together with all our employees and managers in our company and all our partners. 

İskender ULUSAY
Chief Executive Officer

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