Kapat Ikon

"Akizo Yalıtım Sistemleri A.Ş." was established within Aktaş Holding, which started "EPDM Membrane" under the brand "Lineflex" in 2005, for product sales, marketing and application activities in the same year. A separate production line investment decision was made for Lineflex EPDM Membrane production market share of which rapidly increased in 2008 and this new production line was put into operation by Akizo as from the beginning of 2010. 

Waterproof  EPDM-based rubber membranes have been developed with continuous development of the technology of elastomer materials (called as rubber in daily use language) and use of elastic polymers in many fields. EPDM membranes are successfully used on with very wide interval thanks to its superior features. EPDM membranes do not lose their elastic features even in extreme conditions such as the temperature range of -40⁰C and +120⁰C. 

With this product range, it is successfully used on roofs, building foundation and side curtain applications, curtain walls, open - and - close tunnel constructions, pond bottoms (forest fire extinguishing ponds, agricultural irrigation ponds, drainage pond), swimming and decorative pools, treatment facilities and structures requiring dilatation with the slogan of "feel safety".


Water, Roof and Façade
The only EPDM Membrane producer in Turkey
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