Kapat Ikon
1938 Bursa Heykel, Turkey
The First plastic Tire addition, Tire Patch and Rubber Covering Workshop
1972 Aktaş, Bursa, Turkey
The first Air Suspension spring production of Turkey
1980 SKS Bursa, Turkey
Spring Metal Components Production

Aklar Bursa, Turkey
Expanding sales and distribution network
1990 Aktaş, Bursa, Turkey
The First Export

Akkauçuk, Bursa, Turkey
Spring formworks and rubber ring production
1999 Airtech, Bursa, Turkey
Emergence of the first brand for foreign markets
2000 LFT, Dormagen, Germany
The first logistics and sales center for customer demands in Europe
2002 Aktech, Bursa, Turkey
Production center for the increased foreign customer demands (Gemlik, Free Zone)
2003 Kalender, Bursa, Turkey
Investment for integration, quality and cost advantage
2004 Barteknik, Adıyaman, Turkey
Establishment of the production center in our Eastern region with the conscious of making production widespread and social responsibility
2005 Lineflex, Bursa, Turkey
Construction Group Insulation Brand, production of EPDM-based water-proof membrane

Mikser, Bursa, Turkey
Production of rubber main material by Aktaş Group
2008 Akizo, Bursa, Turkey
Construction Group, The first production in the construction sector with EPDM insulation covers

Techno Aktaş, Flibe, Bulgaria
Spring production facility opening
2009 Aktaş Do Brasil, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Spring production facility opening

Ankeshu, Changxing, China
Spring production facility opening

North America, Chicago, USA
Spring logistics center opening
2011 Aktaş Holding, Bursa, Turkey

Aktaş Education Foundation (AKEV)
2013 Global Restructuring Project
2015 Aktaş Holding, Bursa, Turkey
New facility investment in Bursa, 17.500m’
2016 Powertech, Bursa, Turkey
Industrial hoses manufacturing investment
2017 Techno Aktaş Additional Facility Investment
2018 R&D Center Installation
2018 80th Year
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