Board Chairman and CEO's Message

İlknur Aktaş
Board Chairman

Esteemed Stakeholders of Aktaş Holding,

As one of the most important brands in the sector, our company continues to take firm steps in line with its big future goals.

Thanks to our corporate structure based on continuous development and transformation, our export-oriented production model, our modern infrastructure with technology priority and our innovative thinking structure, we continue our future journey in full swing.

Our company has been developing its innovative and change-oriented service approach since the day it was founded in line with the goal of being the world leader in the sector, and is focused on producing value for our country and all humanity.

Continuing to do our best in the development and growth of Turkey which can "develop by producing", we aim to provide the highest level of added value to our society.

And as a brand born and flourished in these lands, we are also enjoying the pleasure of exporting to all over the world our innovative and high quality products equipped with advanced technology opportunities with the pride of a "Turkish brand".

On the other hand, in order to bring together the social responsibility activities that we attach great importance to and the activities that will add value to the society we live in, we continue to undertake very important works in terms of  "integration with the society" through our Aktaş Education Foundation, which we launched in 2010.

Our goal is to continue to make all these works sustainable and to represent Aktas Holding's vision and mission in the best possible way in the future.

In this sense, we will, as it has done so far, continue to shape our activities with the priority of  "creating value", which is an important part of Aktaş Holding's corporate culture.

Best regards,


İskender Ulusay
Aktaş Holding Chief Executive Officer

Distinguished Stakeholders of Aktaş Holding,

As one of the world's largest players in the sector, our company continues to develop innovative and productivity-based products and continues to represent our country in the best way in the international arena.

Founded as a small workshop in 1938, our company has been growing step by step since then, and now enjoys the privilege of having the world's largest product range in the independent spare parts group.

Established with 100% domestic capital, Aktaş Holding is able to respond to the rapidly changing global customer demands in the best and effective manner thanks to its wide structure extending all over the world.

Since its establishment, our company has been striving to offer innovation and quality to its stakeholders, and has succeeded in bringing important values to the sector with its R & D and innovation efforts.

Of course, the goals of our company are not limited to these. One of our main priorities is to provide the highest level of added value to the society in which we live by aiming at always better and excellence.

As a global brand of the sector, we act with the awareness of our responsibilities and always prepare ourselves for the future.

Realizing all of its activities based on the sustainable success, our company succeeds to become the "preferred brand" by undertaking works that bring the technologies of the future to the present.

At this point, we don’t constrain ourselves to providing solutions to just today's issues through our services, but we are considering the future under all circumstances.

We will do our best to tirelessly continue our efforts to carry Aktaş Holding, which has reached today with its 80 years history and a structure where values are a priority, to a point it deserves.

Because Aktaş Holding always has the potential to achieve better...

Best regards,


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