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Another innovation from Aktaş Holding

Aktaş Holding, which is among the world leaders with its brands in the sectors it operates, continues to develop innovative solutions for the needs of the sector by using its competence to take new normally fast action after Covid-19.


Aktaş Holding, which goes beyond the ordinary in the sector and proceeds with the vision of producing different and value-added products, included the product that digitally measures the active weights of heavy commercial vehicles and trailers within the scope of new innovative product investments. Aktaş started the production of tonnage weighing device in its facilities in Bursa with the strategic partnership with American Right Weigh company.


This new system, which is easily applied to the vehicles where commercial loads are transported and allows the measurement of the active axle weight of the vehicle, provides many productivity-enhancing solutions such as actively tracking the weights in the vehicle and from the fleet centers, preventing overcapacity and penalties caused by overuse while ensuring the monitoring of efficient loading and axle weights.


Great convenience for fleet management systems for active weight tracking


Aktaş Holding Chief Executive Officer İskender Ulusay, who states that they are excited about commissioning this device, which will bring a new breath to the sector, said, "On-board digital weight measuring device is a weighing system that can be integrated on air suspension vehicles. It is possible to monitor the weight of the vehicle remotely from anywhere with the sensor system, which can be mounted on the air suspension equipment, and the indicator mounted in the driver's cabin. This provides significant advantages to fleet management, commercial transportation industry and other industry representatives in many areas such as ensuring efficient loading, monitoring axle weights, preventing penalties arising from exceeding the capacity limit of vehicles carrying loads internationally, saving time and energy, preventing waste of time on weights, reducing the cost of plugs, ensuring unethical behavior detection for fleet owners, preventing unannounced cargo transportation and cargo theft, preventing loss of income due to off-road drivers.


Integrated operation with vehicle tracking systems

Ulusoy, who states "Thanks to this system, which can work integrated with vehicle tracking systems, all data is stored and tracked in fleet management”, said “This system, which supports productivity, profitability and safety, provides great convenience to all users, especially fleet management, as it eliminates the need to use a weighing instrument during loading or unloading of the goods. In addition to the features provided by vehicle tracking systems, the missing needs of the sector are fully met by providing weight data. "

Weight solution for autonomous vehicle technologies (IoT)


Ulusay believes that the new product, which can measure active axle weights in commercial vehicles, will make a very important contribution to the sector on IOT (Internet of Things) talking devices where physical objects are connected to each other or to larger systems; added that IOT technology is the first step towards autonomous vehicle technology with the data flow provided through GSM lines. Ulusay noted that in this system, where weight data is constantly stored, fleets can use this data to regulate routes and increase loading efficiency.


Focuses on future technologies


Aktaş Holding, which operates from the United States to Germany, from Bulgaria to China, is the pioneer of innovations with over 80 years of production experience and know-how in the sector. "Thanks to our global organization and R&D capabilities, we focus on making moves to turn the challenging period into an opportunity. We strive to invest as much as possible in product development and R&D to maintain our global competitiveness. Because the world is technology-oriented and brands that go beyond the ordinary and produce different and value-added products always stand out one step. The new normally emerging after Covid-19; the fast and agile one who adopts an innovative approach will come to the fore. In this sense, as a company, we are agile against variable customer expectations and can take rapid action and successfully maintain our role as a pioneer of change / innovation in the sector. By bringing innovation to the sector with Right Weigh company, we will always focus on providing the highest quality service with our reliable products. Therefore, through our R&D Center, we aim to continue our product and technology development activities at full speed. "


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