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Healthy weight loss

With the changing living conditions and food habits in today’s world, home foods replaced mainly by the foods called as “fast food” is seen as the main reason that health problems, like obesity, emerge.

In the light of the data announced by the World Health Organization, it is emphasized that 55-60 percent of the energy taken daily should be met with carbohydrates, 10-15 percent with protein, 25-30 percent with fats.

Adequate is associated with amount and balance with the variety in the “adequate and balanced nutrition” term. It is required to ensure diversity as much as possible in products such as the fruit, vegetable, meat.

In other words, it is required to ensure diversity like pear and kiwi instead of using the fruit choices always for apple.

As for meat, instead of eating chicken during the week, establishing diversity as fish, poultry and red meat would be much more useful for the body.

For staying healthy and in shape;

-       According to the descriptions of the nutrition experts and science world, it is stated that it takes 15-20 minutes that the saturation signal reaches the brain. According to this information, instead of consuming the foods very fast, it is very important to eat slowly and by chewing as much as possible and to give breaks for 15-20 minutes during meal.

-       We absolutely should calculate the calorie values of the food stuff we eat daily, like for all weight loss method stated. In case that we take calorie lower than our daily calorie need, weight loss will be absolutely inevitable.

-       We should care to go to bed without eating as much as possible before going to the bad at night.

-       After waking up, something must be eating at the first instance. Meals should never be skipped, especially breakfast. It is inevitable that the person skipping meals takes weight.

-       Furthermore, we should try not to interrupt sleeping and to sleep a quality sleeping as much as possible when we sleep. According to the researches made, it is revealed that a quality sleep consumes more calorie than doing exercise and this is necessary to stay thin.

-       If we use excess sugar in our beverages, we may try to use artificial sweeteners by applying to the doctor or pharmacist.

-       We absolutely stay away from white bread.

-       Furthermore, it is necessary to care to the points of avoiding frying processes, not spreading butter on the bread, not dipping bread into olive oil, preferring the visible fats of meat, low fat, even fat free dairy products, not dipping the bread to the oily waters of the meals in order to decrease the fat intake ratio.

In summary, you may continue your list in the process of losing weight by making small increases when you come to the protection program stage. For a period, your losing weight process will continue in this way.




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