Kapat Ikon
İskender Ulusay Meets with Youth

Aktaş Holding continues to support the youth who represent the future of our country.

Aktaş Holding, which has always shown its support at every opportunity to the youth since its foundation, continues to lend support to them during the pandemic.

İskender Ulusay, Chief Executive Officer of Aktaş Holding, met with young people in the second session of the online seminars on "Being a world citizen in business life" held by Aktaş Holding in association with the Bursa Branch of the International Leadership Development Organization AIESEC.

Experience sharing

In the seminar, Mr. Ulusay shared his knowledge and experience on various topics such as the preparation process for business life, the key to being a leader, international business and organization management, and also made suggestions to young people on their management journey.

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