Kapat Ikon
Aktaş Holding's Anti-Smoking Effort

Awareness raising projects continue in full swing within Aktaş Holding.

Aktaş Holding brought together its employees with the Public Health Specialist Dr. Seher Nacarküçük from Nilüfer District Health Directorate as the first step within the scope of the 'Quitting Smoking' project.

During the meeting held in the training hall, Nacarküçük held a training to raise awareness of Aktaş Holding's employees about the harm of smoking.

Dr. Nacarküçük touched upon the effects of smoking on a global scale with the training titled "Harm of Smoking".

At the end of the trainings held in groups, Aktaş Holding’s employees had the opportunity to ask questions to Dr. Nacarküçük on issues they wondered about.

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