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Preface: Aktaş Holding Does Not Compromise Its Sustainable Quality Approach


We are in a period of serious investments by companies to ensure sustainability in quality.

As a matter of fact, this process, which makes a significant contribution to the brand value of the company, has a positive impact on the global competitiveness and reflects the image of the brand at the international level.

In fact, the rapid change process that comes with the technology brings about the expectations and demands of the customers with the same speed.

In order to keep pace with this rapid change, companies need to adopt a structure based on continuous improvement in quality and customer satisfaction standards as well as R&D and technology priority investments.

As Aktaş Holding, we have adopted the philosophy of  "sustainable quality management" with the product range we have established in international standards and the principle of continuous improvement.

In this sense, without compromising our current quality standards, we continue to develop our products and take firm steps towards the future by using all the facilities of technology correctly.

In doing so, we can say that we have made a significant difference in global competition with the advantage of our deep-rooted corporate culture.

As such, thanks to its quality management systems, Aktaş Holding is proud to stand out from among the companies that it competes in the international market with the phenomenon of  "quality management" in the best interest of its business partners and stakeholders.

In summary, as a company, we aim to continue to adopt an understanding of sustainable quality by acting with total quality priority in the quality processes we attach great importance to.

Yours truly,

İskender ULUSAY

Aktaş Holding’s Chief Executive Officer

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