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Aktaş's Little Painters Paints Their Dreams Environment

The Visual Arts Competition, organized by Aktaş Holding for the children of the employees, was concluded.

This year, in the competition held under the theme of  "My Dream Environment" as part of 5 June World Environment Day, the little painters created special works again.

Primary, secondary and high school children aged 6-18 participated in the competition.

The evaluation process of the competition was made according to 5 scoring criteria: (Creativity / Quote / Originality), (Painting / Technique / Cleaning), (Size / Dimensional Harmony), (Color Harmony / Perspective) and (Use of Paper / Composition).

The jurors of the competition were BTSO Baha Cemal Zağra Special Application Center's art teachers Köse Çelebi and İnci Topçu and the winning paintings were shared with the participants at the award ceremony organized with the participation of the families, and the excitement of the children was especially worth seeing.

Winners awarded

In the competition, İrem Çulha (10) came in first, Yağmur İçgüleç (13) second and Elif Özgür (7) third.

All children participating in the competition were also awarded prizes.

The winners of the competition received their prizes from Aktaş Holding's Chief Executive Officer İskender Ulusay; the winner of the competition was awarded with a bicycle, the second placed one with a tablet and the third placed one with a watch.  

To instill love of art into our children is our priority

In his short speech after the ceremony, Aktaş Holding's Chief Executive Officer İskender Ulusay stated that as Aktaş Holding, they will, under all circumstances, continue to support the children who represent the bright future of our country.

Ulusay especially thanked all the children who participated in the competition and added that they attach great importance to such organizations in order to contribute to discovering children's talents and instill love of art into them.

Families also took great pride in the award ceremony.

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