Kapat Ikon
Preface: Aktas Holding Targets Leadership with Digital Transformation

Dear Aktas Holding Stakeholders,

As you all know, the process of digital transformation is of great importance within the scope of Aktas Holding's corporate sustainability efforts.

Since the first day, our company has been continuing its investments in information and technology in a determined manner and continues to make a difference in this field with its effective projects on R&D and digital transformation.

As a matter of fact, Aktas Holding has signed concrete works in line with its 2018 theme; "To global leadership with digital transformation in every field", while our company's expectations for the future are quite high with such works...

Especially in the new world order, where the business world and the ways of doing business change day by day, it is necessary to benefit more from the information flow and the blessings of technology.

At this point, for companies, smart factories that come together with Industry 4.0, intelligent production processes, increasing human / machine interaction, to turn to concepts like artificial intelligence, mobility, internet of objects have become a necessity to stand out in the global competition.

As a result, while the integration of all these concepts with each other is becoming more and more importance every day, we, as Aktas Holding, act in accordance with the requirements of the era and always shape our work prioritizing the future.

We strive for the future of Aktas Holding to be based on solid foundations by carrying out studies that are sustainable in terms of both efficient use of resources, productivity and technology development.

At this point, the achievements our company has made so far are an indication of how much we are on the right path.

Therefore, we will continue to work with our strength in order to preserve the existing structure and move it to better points than today.


Best regards,

Iskender ULUSAY

Aktas Holding Chief Executive Officer

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