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Preface: Aktas Holding Is Shaping Its Future With The Production Model Suitable For Industry 4.0

Dear Aktas Holding stakeholders,

Industry 4.0, which is considered as a new industrial revolution in today's world, and the processes involved with the smart factories that come with it have to be analyzed correctly.

I think it would not be a mistake to define for Industry 4.0 as "a set of values comprehensively including a wide range of modern automation systems, information / data exchanges and new applications in production technologies."

Indeed, in a highly competitive environment, it has become inevitable for enterprises to steadily implement processes related to Industry 4.0 in order to sustain their existence.

As a result, we see that companies that invest in information and technology have begun to make a serious difference at the point of providing competitive advantage on a global scale.

At the moment, Aktas Holding, as one of the biggest players in the industry in the world, has important work related to Industry 4.0.

As a company, we are committed to fulfilling all our responsibilities with respect to Industry 4.0 with the goal of keeping pace with all production and service processes, as it has been since the first day.

Our investments especially in information and technology continue at the fastest pace. We have been able to go very far in the way of digitization.

In addition to this, we have recently carried out a field analysis study with the participation of competent persons in the field related to Industry 4.0. These studies will continue in the future.

In short, for Aktas Holding, always ahead of the future, all these processes are of utmost importance in the future as well as in the presence of the sector at the top.

With this understanding, we aim to continue the speed of our work.

In addition, I would like to share with you some information about the transformation phase within Aktaş Holding. Since 2013, I have been working proudly as Aktaş Holding Chief Executive Officer and I passed the torch to Mr. Iskender Ulusay by September 17, 2018.

During my time as the Chief Executive Officer, I always endeavored to manage result-oriented and value-creating job.
From now on, I will continue focusing on the studies that will contribute to the company as a Member of the Board of Directors at Aktaş Holding.

Hereby, I wish success to Mr. Ulusay in this important mission, and I strongly believe that we will realize superior achievements together.

Best Regards,


Aktas Holding Member of Board

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