Kapat Ikon
Preface: Aktaş Holding Continues with R&D Investments without Slowing Down

Dear Aktaş Holding stakeholder,

The world is in a very rapid change. As the borders disappear in the rapidly globalizing structure, the dimension of the competition among firms is changing every passing day.

Especially the rapid changes in technology are bringing the necessity of firms to adapt to new trends and to adapt to this technology.

Because constantly increasing / changing consumer expectations lead the firms to adopt innovative approaches; it is getting harder for firms that do not care about this change and not adhere to technological development to survive in intense competition environment.

Now, when it comes to differentiating each area, putting emphasis on R&D and innovative activities has become one of the decisive factors for companies to achieve sustainable success.

Taking this into consideration, Aktaş Holding continues to create value globally by developing innovative and productivity-oriented products for its customers all over the world as it has been in the past, based on continuous change and transformation since its establishment.

Our company adopts the concept of continuous improvement and takes it as a principle to reach ever-lasting success by not only focusing on today but also by prioritizing the future for the products and services that it develops.

As Aktaş Holding, we make investments especially in wisdom and technology and strive to develop innovative and value-added products for our customers all over the world.

Our whole goal is to constantly move forward with the brand name of Aktaş Holding in the new world order and to ensure that in the future this brand exists in far better places than today.

Best Regards,


Aktaş Holding Board Member

Chief Executive Officer

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