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File Subject: Occupational Health and Safety for Enterprises

One of the most important problems encountered in working life is undoubtedly the occupational accidents.

The concept of occupational health and safety, which has been developed in order to prevent accidents and to raise awareness in this respect, is of great importance both in terms of businesses and employees in today's world.

With the ever-increasing use of technology and industrialization, occupational health and security, which has become one of the vital issues in terms of human health, comes to the forefront as a multidisciplinary science field.

With occupational health and safety in general; it is aimed to take precautions against the occurrence of all kinds of work-related accidents and occupational diseases that may occur in the working environment and fulfill the necessary conditions in this subject.

88% of occupational accidents result from insecure behavior, 10% from dangerous situations and 2% from unavoidable reasons.

As can be seen, occupational health and safety has become a necessity to be meticulously studied in terms of workplaces and employees.

Therefore, both workplaces and employees need to show the necessary care and to fulfill their responsibilities in terms of occupational health and safety.

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