Kapat Ikon
File Subject: Gain of R&D and Innovation Culture to the Industry

Having an innovative perspective and producing goods/services different from the competitors, is one of the irreplaceable factors of rapidly globalizing new world.

Because, along with the consumer demand of increase as a natural result of globalization, it is possible that their choices also vary according to price/quality differences.

Therefore, we are in a period, where the companies that unable to differentiate, to adopt to innovations, to break away from the past systems, are in danger of disappearing gradually as they fail to respond to the changing needs of the customers.

For this reason, in order to create competitive advantage, it is very important to adopt an innovative perspective, to provide ‘innovations’ to the consumers in all production and distribution processes and meanwhile to ensure sustainability of  the present activities.

While taking R&D and innovation direction, the ability of companies for using information and technology is in absolute need of improvement.

At this point, another issue to be considered is efficiency.

Hence, the studies based on efficient usage of resources and efficiency, are the primarily most important factors in terms of both the company’s and the country/world’s future.

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