Kapat Ikon
Sami Erol / Preface

Dear Aktas Holding Stakeholders,

At the point of achieving sustainable success in terms of businesses, employees' sense of belonging to the institution, loyalty and the spirit of being a team within the organization are of great importance.

So much so that it is necessary to manage this source in the most accurate and effective manner as much as finding the right work force in terms of the 'human resource' which is the most important source of the company.

As a matter of fact, it is important not to forget that this apprehension should be shaped not only according to the dynamics of today but also at the same time in order to assimilate the team spirit and sense of teaming in the corporate culture accordingly.

Among the success factors that carry the Company to the future are the harmony among the employees, the power of togetherness and communication, the quality working environment, the ability to be a team, consciousness, responsibility and resolution of conflicts.

Thus, successful teams provide new business ideas and at the same time contribute to the restructuring of the company.

At this point, I want to share a statement I like from Henry Ford: "Getting together is a start, keeping togetherness is a progress, and working together is a success."

On the other hand, we take decisive steps to ensure that our human resources, which we regard as our most valuable source, as Aktas Holding, are both happy and highly-qualified individuals, both within the company and outside the company as a member of the Aktas family.

Employees of Aktas Holding support their understanding of teamwork through exemplary work and take a very serious responsibility in achieving our future goals as well as providing important contributions to the success of our company today.

We continue with a strong team and at the same time as our family as we travel along the lines of common values and anticipations in the business processes that we continue with a busy tempo.

In this way, I would like to once again thank all our colleagues for their contribution to our successful performance and to the company.

With my regards,


Aktas Holding Board Member and Chief Executive Officer

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