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Aktas Holding Continues Investments at a Global Scale

Techno Aktas, which is the production base of Aktas Holding in Bulgaria and providing significant added value to the regional economy, has continued to move forward with certain steps in its growth path. In this context, a significant investment thrust has been achieved.

Techno Aktas, which was put into use by Aktas Holding in 2008, commissioned an investment of additional building that will serve as a warehouse for production facilities in Plovdiv (Plovdiv), the city where it operates on the 10th anniversary, through a ceremony organized.

On behalf of Aktas Holding, Chairman Sahap Aktas, Board Member and Chief Executive Officer Sami Erol and Techno Aktas employees as well as members of BULTIS Board of Directors (Bulgarian Turkish Businessmen Association) and members of the protocol attended the inauguration ceremony held at Techno Aktas' production facilities.

Signs the Significant Successes on Investment in Quality and Human

Aktas Holding Board Member and Chief Executive Officer Sami Erol, who spoke at the opening ceremony, mentioned that they had witnessed a very special and historic day in terms of Techno Aktas, and he stated that "Techno Aktas, which was founded 10 years ago, signs the significant successes in the sense of investment in quality and human in the journey from Bulgaria to Europe. In particular, the year 2017 has an important place in Aktas Holding's corporate development and transformation journey. As you know, we have been focusing on "Digital Branding and Marketing with Leadership" as Aktas Holding together with the year 2017. In this context, we are aiming to reach a competitive advantage by bringing forward our strengths in global markets where the competition is intense. "

We Put the Target Course at the Highest Level

Sami Erol emphasizes that Aktas Holding, which prioritizes total quality management and digital transformation, strives to continuously develop human resources that it regards as "the most important source of the company". "Aktas Holding is at the top of its target course. We continue to take steps in accordance with Industry 4.0, concentrating on R&D and innovation-driven development strategies in line with our global branding moves. In this respect, we will continue to work hard together and strive to make every effort to crown Aktas Holding on a global scale. "

We Continue to do Value Added Works

Sahap Aktas, the Chairman of the Board of Directors Aktas Holding, spoke after Sami Erol, emphasized that they as Aktas Holding continue to grow and develop very rapidly in the world scale, and he stated that "Techno Aktas has not only been carrying out economic activities since the first day, but also it has been a company of example with its social responsibility works. Together we continue to do good and value-added works. I hope that Techno Aktas will continue to add value to our company and the region's economy for the better 10 years."

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