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The Most Suggestions Came from the Bellow Production Department in July

The awarding system of Aktas Holding, whereby suggestions contributing in development of the company are also awarded by considering different ideas of employees each month, continues to give productive results.


While Aktas personnel continue to suggest unique and valuable ideas in line with the awarding system, recently implemented by Aktas Holding and involving monthly evaluation to cover all issues of Occupational Health and Safety (OHS), environment, social responsibility etc., the department which presented the best suggestions and contributed to the system was the “Bellow Production” in July.


While the Suggestion-Near Miss and Kaizen Award Ceremony was organized at the production facilities of Aktas Holding on the 29th of August, the awards, flags and certificates were given to the departments and personnel being successful in these areas.


The Suggestion System Makes Important Contributions to Development of our Company


Sami Erol, Aktas Holding Chief Executive Officer and Board Member, who emphasized that they give very importance to the “Suggestion System” implemented by Aktas Holding, stated that employees are actively involved in the work processes thanks to this system, he also said that the system created beneficial results at the point of value creation and work belonging.


Sami Erol, who also mentioned about the process of achieving the current goals with contributions of personnel in line with the strong vision produced by Aktas Holding with the principle of excellence, expressed that information and ideas presented by employees provide important contributions to development of the company at this point and celebrated all personnel sharing their valuable ideas.

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