Kapat Ikon
BTSO Chairman Burkay:

Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO) Chairman of the Executive Board İbrahim Burkay attended Aktaş Holding's new production plant's opening ceremony and stated the importance of the distance Aktaş Holding has come regarding its corporate development and transformation for Bursa and our country.


Burkay gave a speech at the ceremony and said: " We have all been watching Aktaş Holding's progress since its foundation to this present day. With its production plants and added value to the sector, Aktaş Holding is making Bursa and Turkish economy proud all around the world. As you know, Aktaş Holding won an award in the 'Innovation' category at the Those that Enrich the Economy Award Ceremony held by BTSO. I sincerely congratulate Aktaş Holding on its earnest move into the railing systems and defense industry in addition to production of air suspension bellows."


"I Wish For All The Best"

Stating that he believes the new facilities Aktaş Holding has built will provide a lot of added value to Turkey, Burkay also added: "Aktaş Holding is one of the most important companies making serious efforts for Bursa to transform its traditional industry to include new generational fields. I wish for all the best for these facilities and hope they bring about wonderful developments for Bursa and our country."

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