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Aktaş Holding Enriches the Economy with its Innovative Products

As one of the largest firms in the field of air suspension systems which also directly exports its products to more than 100 countries, Aktaş Holding continues to receive awards from many organizations domestically and internationally thanks to its successful efforts that enrich the sector, and therefore continues to make our country and Bursa proud.


Aktaş Holding was honored with an award in the "Innovation" category by Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry's (BTSO) at its 42nd annual event, Firms that Enrich the Economy - 2015 Award Ceremony which honors the private organizations that have added incredible value to the economy.


72 awards were given in 7 categories, and in addition to President of the Republic Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Minister of Internal Affairs Efkan Ala, Minister of Health Mehmet Müezzinoğlu, Minister of Youth and Sports Akif Çağatay Kılıç were in attendance along with many members of the parliament, local government, industry and business people, and their representatives; and Chairman of the Executive Board Şahap Aktaş and Chief Executive Officer and Executive Board Member Sami Erol attended the organization on behalf of Aktaş Holding.


'We Will Be Working Even More'


Chairman of the Executive Board of Aktaş Holding Şahap Aktaş received the award from Bursa Governor Münir Karaloğlu. Şahap Aktaş made a statement after the award ceremony saying that they were extremely proud to be deserving such an honor from BTSO and emphasized that Aktaş Holding will continue to be a leader of innovation and transformation in the sector.


Aktaş said: “Aktaş Holding is a firm constantly working to achieve world standards, newest technology and highest quality standards. Our successful efforts for innovation and R&D become a role model for many industries in many different countries. We can say that this motivates us even more for more innovation and better development. As Aktaş Holding, we will continue to add value to the sector and working more and more with every passing day on the path to the future."


"Aktaş Holding is Opening the Doors of Progress"


Aktaş Holding Chief Executive Officer and Executive Board Member Sami Erol said "Innovation is an essential and dynamic component of sustainable success and development" and noted in his statement that Aktaş Holding will continue to add exceptional value to the sector and the society it is a part of on the path to the future.


After expressing his gratitude to BTSO for bestowing on them such a meaningful award, Erol said: "In every region we operate in at the global level, we extend our efforts for advancing the technology and raising the standards in this field. We are opening the doors of progress. This award is an wonderful reward for all our endeavors, and it encourage us even further for future-oriented development and transformation. We never forget that R&D and Innovation is our country's future. As Aktaş Holding, we will keep on developing innovative products. We aim to make our country proud in this field as we have done to this day and from now on."

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