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Aktaş Holding CEO Sami Erol: 'In the Global Economy, Future of Companies Depends on Successfully Balancing the Execution of Sustainable Growth Models and Satisfying Shareholder's Expectations'

As the owner of the brands that perform direct exports to over 100 countries around the world to take their place in the world's leading companies in their sector, both in economical prowess and as the pioneers of innovation, Aktaş Holding continues to be the pacemaker at national and international sectoral conventions it participates.


Aktaş Holding Chief Executive Officer Sami Erol participated '2015 World Automotive Conference and Fair' as a speaker, along with the automotive sector industry leaders and producers, foreign commerce experts, logistics, and research and development giants of the sector. At the international Conference which took place for second time in Turkey, prominent figures of the automotive business sector came together to discuss and evaluate the latest developments in the area, and expectations of the future. Aktaş Holding Chief Executive Officer Sami Erol shared his knowledge and experience with the participants about the requirements the companies must fill in order to stand out in their sector and how to decide on correct development strategies for the future of their firms.


In the extensive conference that was hosted by Silence İstanbul Hotel & Convention Center on 25-26 of November, 2015, a number of important issues were covered such as trends in the sector and future expectations, changing customer habits and their importance, production and supply in the markets outside of Turkey, alternative markets to Europe, the effect of global economic crisis to the Turkish automotive sector, innovative logistics and supply chain studies, and new investment opportunities. Aktaş Holding CEO Sami Erol's speech on the aforementioned issues recieved overwhelmingly positive feedback from the participants.



“Aktaş Holding's Success Lies Within its Focus to Answer Local Needs”


CEO Sami Erol talked about the stages Aktaş Holding passed thorugh, how it started from a small production plant to become a global company that operates in every area of the world today. Erol stressed the fact that the main characteristic of the strategies that moved Aktaş Holding up in its class was, and still is, paying attention to the local needs of each activity area, instead of the pursuit of cheap production trend the global competition pushes the firms towards.


“Profitability Should be Supported with Sustainable Growth”

“It should be the main principle of any service providing company to support the profitability with sustainable growth.” said Sami Erol, “As Aktaş Holding, we keep a homely perspective in our business strategies and use a homely production/management method as a means to quality and productivity. We do have branding strategies... For example our Airtech brand, especially under the Turquality name and sector, I can easily say that it is a worldwide known brand by now. We execute our global structuring with right, efficient, and fast decisions while we decide on our all business plans in line with this structure. Our employees' positive approach, participation and adoption of shared wisdom also play a great role in our companys' success.”


“Stakeholder Expectations Needs to be Satisfied in a Balanced Manner”

Erol stressed that stakeholder interaction is one of the most basic indicator of a sustainable approach and added “It has a great importance that companies' manage to satisfy all of its stakeholders' expectations in a balanced manner; whether the stakeholder is the customer, or business partner, or supplier, or its employees. Perpetual development culture can only be successful if it is adopted in every business level. The approach Aktaş Holding adopted in its global operation scale is implemented in every local area with local sincerity, in a way that is fit to reflect local relationships. This structure, of course, has been yielding greatly beneficial results for us.”


“Goal is Global Leadership”

Sami Erol pointed out that in the production of air suspension centrifugal fans Aktaş Holding owns 17 percent of the global market, and added: “Our current share in the global market as it is, does not satisfy us in the light of our future plans; because as Aktaş Holding, our main goal is to achieve global leadership in our sector... Obtaining 23 percent of the sector market by year 2023 holds an important place in our future plans. I can proudly say that we already hold the first place in the world in the sense of patents and utility models. We are working to fulfill all the responsibilities of a global company.”

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