Kapat Ikon
Aktaş Holding Didn't Forget the Successful Students Again This Year

Aktaş Holding repeated its report card celebration the children of its employees-oriented in Kestel and DOSAB locations and shared the enthusiasm of the successful students.

This year, as it does every year, Aktaş Holding brought together its personnel and their families with an iftar meal organization, and rewarded the successful children of its personnel gaining the right to receive a certificate of achievement in their school lives with a report card gift and once again gratified the children.

After the iftar meal held at the poolside of Almira Hotel, the successful students earning the right to receive certificates of achievement from their schools were announced one by one, children and their families were invited to take the stage together.

Aktaş Holding Administrative Board Chairman Şahap Aktaş and his spouse Mürvet Aktaş, Administrative Board Deputy Chairman R. Serkan Aktaş, Executive Board Chairman and Administrative Board Member Sami Erol and Aktaş Education Foundation Administrative Board Chairman İlknur Aktaş, took turns to take the stage and present their gifts to the children, and congratulated both the children and their families.

Aktaş Holding Administrative Board members did not forget to take a photograph together on the stage after they gave the report card gifts to the families and their children.

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