Kapat Ikon

Prof. Dr. Müfit Parlak, newly elected President of the Contemporary Education Cooperative (ÇEK), visited Şahap Aktaş, Honorary Chairman of Aktaş Holding Board of Directors.

During the visit, Buğra Küçükkayalar (previous term president) and Turgut Yalkı also participated on behalf of the CEK.

During the meeting, the works of the Contemporary Education Cooperative were discussed, and Aktaş's unconditional support for education was also praised.

It received the "Education in Local" award

As it will be remembered, Şahap Aktaş was awarded the 'Education in Local' award, which was organized by the Contemporary Education Cooperative for the 13th time, in order to honor those who made efforts and made sacrifices on education issues and to promote them to the society.

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