Kapat Ikon
Preamble - We Move Forward to Future on Principle of Equal Opportunity

The active participation of women in all areas of life in the society is an important indicator of the development and progress of that society.

When compared to developed countries, although the participation rate of women in the labor force in our country has increased in recent years, it is not yet at the desired level.

In order to increase this rate, important responsibilities fall on both the society and the business world. Therefore, providing equal opportunity for women while they climb up the career ladder and contributing to women's employment are indispensable for a sustainable society.

As Aktaş Holding, which has displayed a human-oriented approach and move forward with the principle of gender equality since its establishment, we are extremely sensitive about women's employment and equal opportunity.

As a signatory company of the United Nations Global Compact (WEPS - Women's Empowerment Principles), we strive to fulfill all our responsibilities to ensure gender equality.

Because we believe that the further development and improvement of our country will be possible with women's greater participation in economic life and reducing gender inequality.

Let's never forget that we need to take responsibility together for a sustainable society and the future.

On this occasion, I congratulate 8 March International Women's Day and wish all women a healthy and successful future.

İskender ULUSAY

Aktaş Holding's Chief Executive Officer



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