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Preface: We Use Resources Effectively and Invest In The Future


We are coming to end of 2020 which has been a challenging year for everyone. When we look back, although we have been affected by the pandemic process like the whole world, we have taken important steps that we believe will turn this process into an opportunity and will have positive effects on our company in the future.

We believe that moving to our own factory in DOSAB, which we have carried out with the aim of transitioning to a more efficient and integrated production structure with all brands in our organization with the ultimate goal of the efficient use of resources, will provide significant contributions to our company.

The principles of efficient production and sustainable and future-oriented understanding are among the top priorities for our company since its establishment.

At this point, we take care to use natural resources effectively without compromising our innovative and quality production understanding and we are investing in the future with a sustainable approach.

In today's world where efficient use of resources is becoming more and more important, we, as a company, prioritize efficiency and innovation both in automotive, which is the focus of our group, and in other fields of activity.

For example, with our Lineflex brand of our Building Group, we take responsibility for the protection and development of water resources in our country, and we contribute to a sustainable future by developing environmentally friendly and value-added products in this field.

Therefore, Aktaş Holding will continue to produce value at all times and under all conditions, and will continue to make progress with works that touch the future.


Best regards,

İskender ULUSAY

Aktaş Holding's Chief Executive Officer

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