Kapat Ikon
File Topic: Catching Up With The Speed of Change

The world is going through a very rapid change. Since competition is intense in this process of change, it is very important for companies and even countries, just like humans, to develop methods to adapt themselves to the future and to catch up with the speed of change.

Especially when we think about the pandemic period, this process will bring many opportunities even if our lives have been affected negatively in every respect. Therefore, those who succeed in turning crisis moments into opportunities will have a say in many ways in the future.

Considering the transformation experienced by the automotive industry, which is one of the sectors where new technological developments are felt the most, it is seen that it is progressing with a focus on digitalization.

In this transformation, concepts such as Industry 4.0 based mobility, automation, connectivity, and artificial intelligence come to the fore as well as effective and efficient use of the resources that are running out.

Therefore, it has become a necessity for the sector to be a part of this change with all its dynamics and to prepare themselves for the future, so as not to be left behind in the competition.

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