Kapat Ikon
Leadership Development Program Launched

Aktaş Holding continues to develop new business models in order to improve the talents of employees within the company and offer them new opportunities.

The launch of the Unit Leader Development Program, which is the second phase of the First Level Manager Project, which is very important in the process of moving the company into the future and has been diligently worked on for a long time, was realized with the organization.

The launch of the project, which is aimed at developing the management skills of the newly recruited or current team leaders, producing more productive and quality results and unleashing their potentials, witnessed great excitement.

Trust in new leaders

At the launch of the project, Honorary Chairman of the Board of Directors Şahap Aktaş and Chief Executive Officer İskender Ulusay congratulated their colleagues who are entitled to participate in this program and pointed out that they attached great importance to the project and that new team leaders would contribute greatly to the company.

Aktaş Holding will continue to work at full throttle to contribute to the development of its employees who are its 'most valuable resource'.

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