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Aktaş Holding Attends 6th International New Generation Railway Technologies Conference

Aktaş Holding, which is among the world's largest companies in the production of air suspension systems, continues to take part in organizations where the sector meets under one roof, especially for rail systems, where it has made significant investments recently.

Aktaş, which produces both vibration-damping and suspension systems in rail systems and inputs in rail systems, participated in the 6th International New Generation Railway Technologies Conference hosted by Istanbul this year.

At the conference, Aktaş Holding officials met with sector representatives to establish new business contacts.

Owning a wide range of products

Continuing to develop its existing activities in its main business areas such as Transportation & Automotive, Construction and Industrial, as well as special productions for the defense industry, Aktaş Holding aims to become a part of this important sector with each product it produces for rail systems.

The executives of the railway industry exchanged information on current sectoral developments at the event held at the Silence Istanbul Hotel & Convention Center on September 12, 2019.

Investments to continue

Iskender Ulusay, Aktas Holding's CEO, stated that the company's investment in rail systems will continue in full swing.

Underlining that they have launched important initiatives especially for the Indian market, Ulusay added: "We started our first work on train bellows systems in 2008. Since mid-2011, we have launched a professional production structure for the production and testing of secondary suspension systems. With the investment we made in this field, we became the first company to produce the train bellows in Turkey. We work closely with local rail system manufacturers. We will work with more companies in the coming future. At the moment, some of our collaborations with some world-class companies are continuing on a project basis. We have produced our products related to the rail systems mainly for our customers in Turkey. Aktaş Holding products have been used for many years in Istanbul and Bursa train lines. As Aktaş Holding, we do not focus solely on the local market in the suspension systems in the rail systems sector; we have carried out significant works in the Italy and India markets. We are moving towards becoming one of the most important suppliers of railway systems in Italy and India, one of the three countries where the use of railway is the most prevalent. For India, we have designed suspension systems in rail systems as both air suspension and damping systems and started production. We are currently producing in Turkey and exporting to India 5 OEM suspension systems. In addition, we have production targets for North Africa and South Asia, especially China, through our factory in China. Therefore, the region is very important for us and we have serious targets."

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