Kapat Ikon
Exclusive File: Significance of Occupational Health and Safety

The issue of occupational health and safety is one of the most talked about topics for companies all over the world.

The scientific definition of occupational health and safety is: "The discipline which is dealing with the elimination or reduction of occupational risks and health-related troubles of workers due to the conditions at work place during the course of the work".

The fact that the workplaces adopt the Occupational Health and Safety culture as a part of their vision provides important contributions to the company's profitability, reputation and competitiveness as well as the increase in production and quality.

Furthermore, the importance of giving value to the health of the employees in the workplace and taking concrete steps on this issue will reflect positively on the employee motivation and will also reflect on the production efficiency positively.

It is vital for the companies to act with the belief that all occupational accidents and occupational diseases are preventable, to adopt a continuous improvement approach in this regard, and take occupational health and safety as a priority.

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