Kapat Ikon
Unity and solidarity came forward in Aktas Holding 'Family Gathering'

Aktas Holding brought together its employees, whom it considers as its 'most valuable source', in the breakfast organization called 'Family Gathering'.

The event, which was organized to get rid of all the tiredness of hectic 2018 together, was attended by nearly 600 people. The event was hosted by Podyum Davet and the families of the employees of Aktas Holding attended the event.

In the motivation event organized on 13 January, the 80th anniversary of the company's 2018 year was celebrated with enthusiasm, while the organization offered entertaining activities arranged for both adults and children.

While a welcome band welcomed those arriving at the organization area, in the event 'Take a Guess' quiz was organized for adults and wooden workshop (benmaker) and puppet drama for children.

Furthermore, the employees that have been working for 10-15 and 20 years within the structure of Aktaş Holding are granted seniortiy awards.

We are a big family

In the meeting where unity and solidarity came to the forefront with the peace of being a big family, seniority awards were also distributed. Aktas Holding Chief Executive Officer Iskender Ulusay gave a salutation speech to all Aktas Holding family.

Indicating that the employees have the biggest share for the company reaching today, Ulusay stated that one of the most important factors that lead Aktas Holding to success is this strong family ties, the first step on the road to success is to believe and trust each other.

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