Kapat Ikon
Exclusive File: Sustainable Growth and Quality Management

The impact of competition in the rapidly globalizing world is increasing day by day. It has become almost imperative for companies to perform at the highest level and to achieve sustainable progress in order to maintain their presence in this environment and to increase their competitiveness.

Companies wishing to protect their existing markets and become a model company should prepare a road map according to competitive strategies. In this context, sustainable growth and quality management are very important.

In the century in which technology has changed with the blink of an eye, perfection should be defined as a continuous journey, not a result.

Failure to keep up with the developing market conditions and to make the necessary investments will lead to the loss of competitive advantage in the long term. Therefore, it is very important to correctly diagnose the risks in business life and to seek solutions in this direction.

With this understanding, it would be beneficial for enterprises to achieve sustainable growth-oriented works by spreading the quality understanding to all units. In particular, quality management should be considered as the basic building block to be continuously developed.

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