Kapat Ikon
3 December International of Persons with Disabilities

With the decision of the United Nations in 1992, the date of December 3 was declared as "International Day of Persons with Disabilities".

This important day was determined to draw attention to the problems of people with disabilities all over the world and to understand them better.

In this respect, it is aimed to reintroduce the persons with disabilities to society on a global scale and to ensure their rights be provided at full and equal level.

We have a lot of duties to help persons with disabilities live their lives as a happy citizen who looks to the future with hope, socializes and produces.

It is very important for people from all parts of the society to be sensitive about this issue.

As Aktas Holding, we hope to reach a barrier-free world by providing all kinds of support in this regard.

With these feelings and thoughts, we wish the awareness and sensitivity about our citizens with disabilities to increase in society more and wish them a happy and successful life.

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