Kapat Ikon
Preface: Effective Communication and Motivation-Based Team Spirit at Aktas Holding

Dear Aktas Holding Shareholders,

Nowadays, in the point of achieving sustainable success by companies, the combination of many parameters in a complementary manner plays a significant role.

For example, as well as the essential criteria such as quality, bringing qualified employees together under the umbrella organization and communication with each other and motivations of these employees are among the decisive factors.

As such, we see that businesses attach great importance to creating accurate and qualified human resources.

Of course the point that I want to highlight here is the effect of teams believing in the goals to the same extent, teams taking responsibility and the level of communication between them as well as the creation of the right teams on reaching its current goals for the company.

As a matter of fact, being a team, listening to each other within the team, sharing ideas and knowledge, constructive feedback and the environment of trust directly affect the motivation and success in the company.

In particular, in an order where we feel the intense competition in many areas, it is clear that the companies giving importance to this decisive factors in the success and managing the processes correctly can reach sustainable success.

With this understanding, Aktas Holding has a strong team spirit and motivation as well as qualified human power in their successful performance in the sector.

So much so that we have made many concrete steps in order to invest in human beings, give our employees the opportunity to reveal their talents and strengthen their unity, we continue to do so.

Our main goal is to build the future of our company with strong foundations and to move Aktas Holding to its forward-looking strong targets in the best way.

Best Regards,

İskender ULUSAY

Aktas Holding Chief Executive Officer

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