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Sami Erol / Preface: Aktaş Holding Aims at Sustainable Growth by Focusing on Change

Dear Aktaş Holding stakeholders;

In today's world, there is a rapid change and transformation process. Global competition environment is intensifying day by day. In order to survive in global markets, businesses need to focus on change, use technology accordingly and act with a sustainable growth policy.

Therefore, institutional change processes are a necessity and requirement. At this point, as Aktas Holding, we attach great importance to institutional change in order to get more involved in global markets and to improve ourselves even further.

Since the day we were established, we have adopted sustainable economic growth and value creation priorities. While continuing our investment plans for the future in line with our vision of global branding, we continue to work intensively to continue contributing to our country and to the world economy.

Indeed, in today's world, the path to sustainable growth is through the use of technology and branding. For this reason, we thread on the path of sustainable growth by focusing on change and following innovations.

We aim for perfection

Adopting the mission of being 'the pioneer of change and transformation' in the sector, Aktas Holding benefits from all the blessings of technology with its R&D studies and innovation-based production model.

We are constantly aiming for perfection and we are able to produce the fastest and most effective solutions to meet the rapidly changing market demands at global level.

In this context, we will move forward to provide added value to our country and sector at a high level.

Best regards,


Aktaş Holding Board Member

Chief Executive Officer

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