Kapat Ikon
File Subject: Institutional Change Culture and Sustainable Growth

In today's world, the conditions of global competition have also begun to change. In the face of rapidly evolving technology and forms of management, businesses must survive by making a difference and offering quality service.

In order to keep up with global changes, companies must also have the ability to manage change.

In this context, appropriate solutions must be developed within businesses in such fields as internal and external environment analysis, human resource management practices, project management, innovation culture development. A planned and programmed working principle together with the efforts of staff can ensure that a sustainable growth lasts.

The institutional change process has now become a necessity and prerequisite to exist. Institutional change is inevitable in order to survive in global markets.

Businesses must emphasize institutional change and sustainable growth and at the same time closely follow technological developments in order to survive in a global competitive environment. In a constantly changing working life, companies need to act in accordance with rapidly changing demands at global level, focusing on the future.

Companies that do not pay attention to such issues will unfortunately start to lag behind after a while and face the danger of being wiped out of the market as they will not have a chance to compete.

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