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Important Business Contacts from Aktaş Holding in Ukraine

Aktas Holding, which is one of the biggest companies in the production of air suspension system, continues to establish new business connections in the framework of strong structures in a global level.

Aktaş Holding strengthened its relations with existing customers in the region and established new business connections within the scope of the "TIR 2017 Fair" organized in Ukraine.

At the event held on October 22nd - 26th in Ukraine's Dnipro Kiev city, Aktaş holding established important contacts with the well-established regional firms Vladislav Comp. and Irbıs-Auto.

Aktaş Holding was represented at the fair by the Sales Team Leader Gülçin Onaran and at the meetings which were quite productive, information about innovations and brand structure and technical information related to company’s global brand Airtech was shared with the representatives of the firms in question.

Within the scope of the organization, companies were able to get to know Aktaş processes and brand strategy more closely, and technically speaking, the problems encountered in the market and the solution suggestions were also discussed.

We care about Ukrainian market

Stating that their contacts in Ukraine provided them with important benefits, Aktaş Holding Board Member and Chief Executive Officer Sami Erol noted that their standing in the regional market with the brand of Airtech is improving day by day and the Ukrainian market is of great importance for them.

Emphasizing that Airtech is a very popular brand in the regional market, Sami Erol added that Aktaş Holding aims to carry out various organizational and marketing activities in order to maintain continuity in the market.

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