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Aktas Holding Announced the Measured Results of its

Aktas Holding continues to take significant steps to contribute to the promulgation of a sustainable environmental awareness and to a more livable environment for the future generations.

In the framework of cooperation with the CEVKO Foundation, which is established to contribute to the establishment of a sustainable recovery system with the contribution of the industry, local governments and consumers for the economic and regular recovery of packaging wastes in Turkey, Aktas Holding will once again make its 'sensitive' identity to the foreground.

The net savings obtained from both the first day of the agreement and the year 2017 are shared with the current figures on the list of the main components of wood, electricity, storage, fossil fuel and water within the scope of the agreement signed between Aktas Holding and CEVKO Foundation.

Destruction of the 94-acre Forest Land is Prevented

According to the "Environmental Benefit Report" of Aktas Holding's obligations with CEVKO, due to the efficient use of materials such as paper, cardboard, glass, aluminum, steel, tin and composite, in the period covering the year 2017, cutting of 648 trees, which are equivalent to 12 acres of forest area is prevented.

According to the same report, it is reported that an electricity saving of 193,792 kW/h that corresponds to the annual electricity consumption rate of 69 homes is enabled, and the storage area of 342 m³ is enabled, and 6.016 liters of fossil fuel saving is achieved, and 953,820 m³ of water savings corresponding to annual water consumption of 5 houses.

It Corresponds to the Annual Water Consumption of 41 Families

Since the first day of the contract of Aktas Holding with CEVKO, the total amount of savings obtained has been shared.

Accordingly, since the conclusion of the relevant contract by Aktas Holding, cutting of 4,747 trees were prevented, and the preservation of 94 acres of forest land were enabled.

According to the related report, Aktas Holding also provided electricity savings of 1, 224,906 kW/h over the current period that is equivalent to annual electricity consumption of 443 houses.

However, from the date of current agreement, it was stated that 1,998 m³ of storage area savings were achieved, and the savings of 14,288 liters of fossil fuels and the savings of 7,206,640 m³ of water that is equivalent to annual water consumption of 41 houses were achieved.

We Adopted the Environmental Consciousness as a “Culture

Aktas Holding Board Member and Chief Executive Officer Sami Erol stated that they, as Aktas Holding, have given utmost care to all the legal criteria in relation with the environment since the days they were founded, and he said that while they continue to invest in advanced technology, they give unconditional support to all kinds of activities that will add value to people, society and the environment.

Erol, who stated that they are proud of the successful results achieved since the first day in cooperation with CEVKO Foundation, also added that Aktas Holding acted with the consciousness of preservation and sustentation of the values and added that they will continue to carry out activities based on efficiency with the implementation of environmental management system.

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