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Sami Erol is elected to TKYD Board

Aktas Holding Board Member and Chief Executive Officer Sami Erol, who actively serves in many non-governmental organizations operating in Bursa and throughout Turkey, has taken on a new responsibility in this respect.

Sami Erol has been elected as a member of the Board of Directors of the Corporate Governance Association of Turkey (TKYD), acting in accordance with the mission of recognizing and developing the concept of corporate governance in our country, and developing the best practices.

The 8th Ordinary General Assembly Meeting of the Corporate Governance Association of Turkey was held on the date of March 22, 2017 in Istanbul at Yapi Kredi Plaza, and Erol who takes part in the new Board of Directors will undertake to carry out the activities in Bursa as the first step of the activities of association aiming to expand out of Istanbul.

I will Try to Represent in the Best Way

Sami Erol, as the Member of the Board of Directors of the Corporate Governance Association of Turkey, said that they will continue to work for the purpose of adopting corporate governance as a culture, bearing in mind that the Corporate Governance Association of Turkey aims to be a guide for our organizations both at national and international level with the successful studies that have been carried out since 2003.

Sami Erol also emphasized that TKYD's responsibility to undertake the new vision of Bursa as a first step in its new vision of expanding out of Istanbul further increased its importance, and he will try to represent Bursa in the best way in this respect, and also he will make every effort to spread the understanding of corporate governance.

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