Kapat Ikon

Aktas Education Foundation, which frequently make its mark in the scale of Bursa and our country, through its social responsibility activities that raise the awareness in respect of the society never stops through its works that it made especially for the education.

Aktas Education Foundation, in this direction, recently put its signature under a significant work together with the founder of the Ermetal Group of Companies, the charitable businessman Fahrettin Gulener.

Within the scope of the collaboration with Fahrettin Gulener, Aktas Education Foundation brought in a "Technology Class", in which various small lathe devices are available, in Ibrahim Husniye Caglayan Secondary School that is located in Orhaneli where is one of the mountain district of Bursa and where 350 students and 26 teachers are located, in order to develop the skills of the students.

It was not indifferent to the Experienced Deficiency

The school, where are the many young and idealistic teachers available, had a significant success in TEOG exams for 3 years, which is over the Bursa average, on the other hand had deficiency due to the lack of materials, especially in the activities for the application (physics, chemistry etc.).

The Aktas Education Foundation, which has signed the very significant works in the region, has taken action in response to the shortage experienced by Ibrahim Husniye Caglayan Secondary School, and has undertaken the provision of practical materials which provide serious experiences and which are important for the development of children especially in respect of choosing the profession.

We Care Too Much of Our Children Who are Our Future

Ilknur Aktas, who is the Chairman of Aktas Education Foundation, reminded that they as Aktas Educational Foundation are in the effort of providing the opportunities to the students with which especially the children and young people whom they regard as "our future" can develop themselves, and they took steps in order not be indifferent to this essential need in İbrahim Husniye Caglayan Secondary School that is prominent with successful results in recent years.

Iknur Aktas, who wished that the technology class that was provided to the school would be beneficial, and she also added to her words that education will continue with the same determination to their social awareness-raising projects in the future as it is today as a foundation.

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