Kapat Ikon
Aktaş Holding Family Lands in Uludağ

Aktaş Holding continues to organize sightseeing tours to bring their employees together and help them connect socially and relieve them of the stress of their work lives as part of its social events for employees mission.


The last organization at which Aktaş Holding family came together was the trip for "White Paradise" Uludağ. 42 of the employees attended, and the event was a joyous occasion for all in attendance.


There was a lot of snow, and Uludağ was teeming with many domestic and foreign tourists. All attendees had lots of fun all day, and they had the opportunity to thoroughly enjoy the winter and the snow. Aktaş Holding Chief Executive Officer and Executive Board Member Sami Erol also attended the Uludağ trip, and joined in the fun with the employees.


Increasing Motivation


Mentioning that they, as Aktaş Holding, have organized Uludağ trips in the past as well, Sami Erol stated that these organizations are really beneficial for increasing motivation and developing synergy among the employees, and thanked everyone who attended the event.

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