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Sami Erol - Preface

Innovative Approaches at Aktaş Holding

In the new world order where "normal" is constantly undergoing change, no matter what sector they are in, focusing on innovation and rapidly implementing transformation is crucial for firms to be able to adapt to the current order and lay a strong foundation for the future, and these are some of the many inevitable necessities.


Being able to respond to sectoral needs and ensuring sustainability in the process of corporate development along with the firm satisfying customer and shareholder needs in a way that is appropriate for this day and age while utilizing modern approaches and fulfilling expectations at the highest level, bring momentous advantages for rising to prominence in competitive market conditions.


Since its inception, Aktaş Holding has continued its operations with a focus on innovation at every stage for the independent auxiliary equipment production industry it serves, and thus is deservedly proud of having greatly contributed to the industry with its valued, innovative and latest-technology products.


By developing original business models and implementing all its future-oriented strategic planning and actions under a 'continuous improvement' framework, Aktaş Holding has succeeded in becoming a preferred actor in the sectorwithin the global economic order with its valued contributions to the sector and our country.


Even though the competitive processes can be affected by the different conditions experienced at the global level, Aktaş Holding never compromises on the quality of its productions and services, and by integrating the firm's culture into all its units, it continues to march to its goals for the future with confidence.


In all the areas it serves on the world scale, Aktaş Holding has succeeded in combining its high service quality with local ingenuity, and while continuing to improve the acceleration of its corporate development thanks to its production model which prioritizes R&D, it continues to be able present the newest products it has developed for its consumers in global markets with the ‘Aktaş’ quality.


In this respect, Aktaş Holding has a corporate history that has internalized innovative approaches in the areas that it operates in, no matter what the conditions are. In this respect, by being involved in efforts only fitting its organization's purpose under any circumstance, Aktaş has reached a highly respectable point in the industry and will continue to do everything it can to keep its reputation at this distinguished level or raise it even higher, today and in the future.



Aktaş Holding Chief Executive Officer and Executive Board Member

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