Kapat Ikon
File Subject: The Importance of In-House Communication and Value of Successful Public Relations for the Firm

The importance and necessity of communication is felt increasingly in every area of life. We can say that there is not a moment when living organisms do not communicate with each other or other species. Besides verbal communication, even the meaning of a t-shirt we wear or a pin we attach to our collar is a form of communication. For this reason, we are saying that not only communication is a primary requirement for our lives, life is not possible without communication.


Nowadays, all firms are distancing themselves from the Fordist approach adopted in the 1950s and renouncing the production-oriented mentality. Of course, production and service are at the top of the list; however the importance of becoming one as a company and running the business separating the person from the machine is clear. There are many benefits to in-house communication at a firm. Without good communication, it is not possible to ensure cooperation and coordination between the employees and the units. As dependency between the employees increases, the amount of communication needed for the coordination of the work that needs to completed for being able to reach organization goals also increases. One of the functions of communication is allowing individuals to express their feelings and emotions.


Individuals and groups can be more successful reaching their goals when they are able to tell each other about their state of mind. By informing all employees about developments -positive or negative, organizing activities where employees and managers can meet on a common ground and discuss, sending notifications about goals, involving employees in the decision making process, devising projects where employees can develop their intelligence and skills, recognizing employees for a job well done, holding regular meetings, and displaying a positive attitude, firms can adopt a successful corporate policy. This will put a happy face on the firm and production will be undertaken with higher performance levels and pleasure. In summary, firms should become families with good communication skills.


The other face of communication: Public Relations... Production is only a functional benefit. However, communicating with the community you serve is a multi-armed structure. Public relations is the way to announce your products and services, to be involved in the current events on the public’s agenda, and to demonstrate that you are not just a lifeless company but a living organism.  Therefore, it is crucial to create social responsibility projects, platforms where the firm can be involved with the public and listen to their needs and requests, and be a easily accessible brand for the public. Being open to communication, not being irresponsive to communication are at the top of the list of the most important strategies for brands.


Therefore, we as Aktaş Holding, are continuing on our path as an open-to-communication and communication-focused firm gaining strength within the firm as well as with the public with every passing year. We are aware that production and society without communication will atrophy on its own in time. We will continue to rise in the light of communication.

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