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Aktaş Photography Club Captures the Most Beautiful Moments of Life

Social clubs part of Aktaş Holding continue to thrive and organize remarkable events as Aktaş Holding places a lot of emphasis on social activities within the firm in addition to creating social responsibility projects.


Aktaş Photography Club (AFK) started as a part of Aktaş Holding, photographs life in all its forms and greets colors in many different places, and they carried out 2015's last photo shoot in Yalova Teşvikiye Çifte Waterfall.


The event drew a large group of attendees. The club members enjoyed themselves while immortalizing the wonderful moments of life in a professional manner.

They Enjoyed the Autumn


Club members later changed their course from Teşvikiye Waterfall to Büyük Dipsiz Lake. The AFK members ate lunch here while enjoying the heavenly view and sharing wonderful moments together. After the lunch break, the members continued their photo shoot and took photographs of the impeccable beauty of Büyük Dipsiz Lake. The members enjoyed being together on one of the last wonderfully sunny days of the autumn, and stated that they were already really looking forward to their next photo shoot.


'We Will Continue Our Photo Shoots with the Same Enthusiasm'


As a last stop on their route, the club members took a tea break in Narlı, and expressed the following about the event: "AFK familiarizes us with the art of photography and gives us an opportunity to develop our bond as friends. We are a team that wants to evolve with creative as well as productive endeavors. Photography is very appropriate as a hobby for this purpose. We wanted to do the last shoot of 2015 on the Yalova, Narlı and Büyük Dipsiz Lake route. On this day that embodies the perfect autumn day, we did not want to miss the heavenly beauty of nature and wanted to photograph the scenery. We will continue to do our photo shoots with the same interest and enthusiasm. These trips also help us exchange ideas about projects we will organize in our club in the coming year."

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