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Sami Erol - Preface

Dear fellow workers,

We all know and live the global world economy competition. Thousands of companies that desire to survive in this competition open their doors to innovation, new technologies, and progress. Today, companies that turn away from innovation, ones that can't acknowledge the new are disappearing one by one. In such an economic plain, we all see that conventional methods and understandings cannot survive. Hence, for a company welcoming innovation, institutionalization comes in the play as an imperative.

So, what is institutionalization?

Institutionalization basically means to innovate all of the inner workings of a company in order to systematize, and to eliminate the company's dependence on individuals. It means for the company to have the vision, mission, values, and principles intrinsically to guide its strategic decisions and activities. Additionally, it means for a company to have all the strategy-policies to achieve its vision, and the sustainability of effective, productive implementations. Sustainability and fulfilling its requirements are some of the main goals of  institutionalization as a concept.

In the past and today, most companies are founded without a business plan. Especially in the past, we can assume that prevalence of family-owned enter prices was a factor in this. But as the time passes, we see that companies founded by a single person or a group of partners go through an institutionalization process and grows. In short, we can say that, companies which successfully stay in the business for a period of time, after gained enough experience, come to agree the requirement of institutionalization.

Growth of a company also creates management complications, therefore creates the risk of growing the problems arising with it. For this reason, adopting a system, and creating a business plan and road map offers the key to solve such problems so that the company would be free to proceed on its way with sustainable success. On the other hand, companies that perceive institutionalization as a redundant process, or fail to go through it, or wouldn't spend funds and effort to go through; are condemned to perish when a possible crisis arise.

Dear friends,

For these reasons, Aktaş Holding, as a leading force in its sector, with its years of experience in the business world, understands the need of institutionalization very well and continuously keeps spending funds and effort for this goal. I sincerely believe that we, all of the stakeholders, will see the positive results of these efforts in the mid and long run. In every phase of our job, improving with each repeat, we must do our job systematically, productively, and professionally; and always be proud of it.


Sami Erol / Aktaş Holding Executive President and Member of Board.

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