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Aktas Holding sponsored the TIR Races Organized in Belgium

Aktas Holding continues to play an effective role in the race organizations, one more important than the other, organized for different segments in the national and international arena.

Aktas Holding finally provided sponsor support to the international TIR Grand Prix (FIA Belgium Truck Grand Prix 2015), organized by FIA in Belgium and participated by more than 800 visitors together with its current customers in Belgium.

Having participated in the organization with its brand Airtech, Aktas Holding carried out promotion activities in the stand area prepared with the other sponsors in the area where the event took place which organization was generally participated from Flaman region of Belgium.

While Aktas Holding announced its name on the social media accounts and website of the organization in Belgium with its brand Airtech in the scope of the race took place in Circuit Zolder in the city of Heusden-Zolder of Belgium on September 19-20, an announcement was published in the name of Airtech on the Group Auto International (GAU) Magazine.

“We shall continue to take part in the international organizations”

Sami Erol, Aktas Holding Chief Executive Officer and Board Member, expressed their satisfaction with their sponsor support to the TIR Championship in Belgium as Aktas Holding and announced the good news that they shall continue to appear in such valuable organizations organized at a global level in the following processes like nowadays.

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