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Aktaş Holding will continue growing with export oriented production

My precious colleagues,

Aktaş Holding, which manages to access rapidly to each region of the world with the efficiency she has and the products with high value added she produces, continues to provide efficient solutions to the demand of the global market in line with the 100% customer satisfaction and quality.

We, as Aktaş Holding, while acting without compromising our existing quality approach, all of our products we have produced until today, are proud of being a brand which leads the sector across the world and reveals the innovations with our market share reaching to 20 percent in the sector we serve and our active studies in R&D area.

Aktaş Holding, continuing the growth process in the axis of sustainable development, productivity and profitability, presents most of the products she produces to the global markets where the competition environment is experienced at the top level in accordance with the export oriented production approach while also providing very precious benefits to the country’s economy with the successes she obtained there.

In accordance with the rapid development of the country and its long termed targets, we, as Aktaş Holding, which believes in that it is required that an export oriented economic growth model is established, where the production infrastructure is based on solid foundations, act in accordance with this with all our products and service.

After a short time, after we gathered our facilities in Bursa under single roof in our new factory located in the Organized Industrial Zone, we have the target of raising the value added we present in this area by passing to the serial production by increasing our production capacity which is present now.

Each investment thrust we perform has extremely critical importance in accordance with the target of Aktaş Holding of being the leader in the sector in 2023. We will continue our activities together with the same determination and continue to make contribution to the targets of Aktaş Holding in the future periods, like it is until today.

Best regards,

Sami Erol / chief executive officer and member of the board of directors of Aktaş Holding

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