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Camping and Pitching a Tent

Hi, I am Can SUHHA; I have been working for the Aktaş family for more than one year and I am the Quality Team Leader. Today, I will try to express my joy and pleasure I enjoy while "camping and pitching a tent."

In fact, I used to think, as most people do, that vacationing in 5-star hotels was more exciting, enjoyable, and relaxing than pitching a tent until I had the first hand opportunity to pitch a tent for the first time. Then I realized what a pleasure and happiness pitching a tent and camping was, and I started to pitch a tent at every opportunity.

When you go camping, the moment you start pitching a tent, you carry with great pleasure the fatigue that falls on your body. Because you know that relaxation and rest are waiting for you. Every time you pitch a tent, you build a house in a different place, in a different nature; knowing that you will reach a new evening in this place and wake up in a new morning feels like the best blessing you may ever attain.

Speaking of a new place, you communicate with other people from different cities and cultures, and even communicate so well that even if you don't know how to pitch a tent, your new neighbors and your campmates can make your tent ready at one time to stay. Evening meals, breakfasts and friendships are enjoyed altogether.

Of course, loneliness is one of the most effective conditions. Contrary to what I wrote above, if you don't like the crowds and want to spend time alone and stay alone with nature and sea, pitching a tent is the best thing you can do.

In addition to friendship, you can learn something new and completely different through what nature gives you. One of my most recent experiences is to witness the crustal phase of crickets. Witnessing a bee and then 5 to 10 bees tasting the leftovers on the table... Seeing how dragonflies fly freely around...

Accompanying songs that the birds sing to you when you swing in the hammock; dreaming far away...

You are happy; without considering the smallness of the tent. Because you know, while inside the tent, you will dream away while listening to the sound of the tree branches swung by the wind and then you will fall asleep in peace...

When I first ventured to pitch my tent, I was very scared and hesitated. "How can I pitch this tent?" I thought myself. But now I am happy to have set out on this pleasant adventure.

Don’t be scared away! Take your tent and go camping. Spend time alone in nature. Hear the sound of nature and all the beings in nature. Watch how the ant is looking for food while you are sitting in the chair...

Meet the nature!

Keep in mind! Didn't we come from the nature?

Tent and camping equipment

If you have your own tent and you will not need the food and food services offered by the campsites, it is good to have:

But without taking all these, you can rent a tent with peace of mind and benefit from the food services offered at the camp sites, and you can reach the pleasure of camping.

In addition, there are services such as toilets and bathrooms in the campsites.

Some tent / camping areas recommendations

-        Son Gemi Kamping - ASSOS

-        Hippo Kamp - İZMİR

-        Altın Kamp - BURHANİYE

-        Mavi Kamp - ÖREN / MUĞLA

-        İşte O Kamp - AKYAKA



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