In the year 2015, as Aktaş Holding, the construction, water, petroleum, air and cable protection hoses are started to be manufactured through superior engineering studies with product variety to satisfy the market needs, through Aktaş quality and trust, determining optimum characteristics such as internal-external diameters, high/middle/low working pressures, bending radius, bursting pressures, high/low working temperatures, resistance to the air, ozone, heat, abrasion, oil.

By using the best quality materials, in order to satisfy all needs in markets, the products are manufactured such as the construction hoses for construction industry, offering waste solutions, compressed air supply, concrete placements, material handling, water pumping and cleaning; the water hoses for water solutions offering water supply, water pumping in low, middle or high pressures; the air hoses offering air pumping and air supply in low, middle or high pressures; the last but not least, the cable protection hoses for protecting the cables, wires and ropes.

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