Green Energy Group

Aktaş Green Energy

Aktaş Green Energy Need for and use of energy is increased by rapid increase in population in our world, reflection of developments in science and technology to the industry as well as living level each passing day. Most part of energy consumed is derived from fossil such as coal, petroleum etc. The most serious problem suffered by our world in our age is the miscellaneous pollution by such energies with a limited potential and at the levels destroying the natural balance. Therefore, while most countries develop programs for energy saving and use methods on the one hand and have focused on activities of searching and developing renewable, nature-friendly, clean and sustainable energy resources.  

AKTAŞ HOLDING has determined the issue of "Green Energy Strategic Group" in its Strategic Structuring against the facts above as one of the Three Strategic issues. AKTAŞ HOLDING has planned to performed miscellaneous activities, in particular research and development on the issue.

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